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Please make sure to connect the power adapter with device when you do the device configuration. The battery is not enough to activate the device before it is charged more than 2.5 hours. The low power battery may cause the device abnormal work. If it is happened, please remove the battery and remove the adapter, and restart the device. It may need you reset the default setting.

Question and Answer

1.     Q: How to judge the device is activated?

A: ① Make sure to connect the power adapter with the device, the power is on when the screen lightens. Note: the recharge battery has not enough power before it is charged fully, please don’t use it to activate the device. ② After the power is on 40 seconds, the device will have 3 soundsdefault setting is without WIFI configuration.③ Open the back cover, when the blue LED is one, it means the device works normal.

2.     Q: The indication of the LED

A① Blue LED, off: no power, on: power is on, blink: device is activated. ② Green LED is for battery, off: fully charged, on: charging, blink: no battery. ③ Red LED, off: No WIFI connection, on: Wi-Fi connection is done, blink: enter WPS mode.

3.     Q: How to configure the WIFI when first time to use it?

AConnect the device to power adapter, wait 40 seconds, then you will hear 3 sounds, click First add, and follow the process to add the device. If your smart hone already added this device, please delete it. ② If the device has configurated with other router, please reset the device to default status.


       4.  Q: How to configure the WIFI when change the router?

A①Connect device to power adapter, wait 40 seconds, and reset the device to default setting. ②You will hear 3 sounds after the default setting are done, click the First add in you APP and follow the process to configure the device. If the APP already added this device, please delete it.

5.     Q: How to reset the device to default setting?

AOpen the back cover, and connect the power adapter, when the device works normal, please press the RESET button about 10 seconds. It is done when you hear the sound. Please turn off and turn on the device again, you will hear 3 sounds after 40 seconds.

6.     Q: How to reset the password?

A; Reset the device to default setting (the default password is admin).

7.     Q: Where is the QR code of the device?

AOpen the back cover of the device, there is the unique QR code. Due to the differential of the smart phone, you may need scan carefully.

8.     QThe device is not on line after configuration of the WIFI.

APlease check the indication LED, the blue LED should be blinking and the red LED is should be on, then make sure your network are working well.

9.     Q: The device WIFI connection is dropped suddenly.

A: ① Please check the WIFI indication LED is on or off. ② Check whether you changed your network recently, if something related to setting, you have to re-configurated the device accordingly. ③ The power of battery is too low to supply the device.

10.   QThe video streaming is not smooth and has some delay.

     APlease make sure the network is in good connection and good quality. ① The device should be near the router. ② Device should be away from metal, and electric appliance.; ③Set the video quality is the LD mode.

11.   Q: How many users can watch the video the same time?

               AAbout 4 to 5 persons maxim.  

12.   Q: How to give the device access to other peoples?

 A①Open the back cover of the device and give the QS code and give the pass word to him. ②Follow the process to add the device by manual operation.

13.   Q: Whether device supports ONVIF?

AYes, it is standard.

14.   Q: Whether device supports SD video recording?

AYes, up to 64G SD card.

15.   Q: What is the format of the video recording on the SD card?

AAVI, H.264 and most of the main media player format.

16.   Q: How to use smart phone to watch the SD card recording?

APress the APP, press the local recording-> “SD”, then you can watch the video recording.

17.   Q: How long will the battery be fully charged?

A: About 6 hours, the working time is about 2-3 hours. Please note, when the battery has not enough power, it may cause the device work abnormal. You may need remove the battery and adapter, then restart the device.

18.   Q: Battery cannot be charged?

AMake sure the battery is installed properly, if still doesn’t work please contact your retailer.

19.   Q: If the battery has not enough power, what is the remind?

AThe screen will blink-L O-.

20.   Q: How to close the clock fully?

       AOpen the back cover, press the MODE button, press about 5 sends, the clock will be closed fully. If you want to open it again, please press one of MODE, UP,


Frequently Questions and Answers for the GF-H100 Mini Smart Clock Camera